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Long form interviews with filmmakers and other cool people about movies.

Guests Include

  • Editor — Jeremiah O'Driscoll (The Polar Express, Flight)

  • Actor — Michael Dorn (Star Trek, Castle)

  • Cinematographer — Martin Ruhe (Harry Brown, Catch-22)

  • Editor — Stephen Mark (X-Files, Deadwood)

  • Author — Maddox (The Best Page in the Universe)

An analysis of why the James Bond series is more than just entertainment. Find out how 007 influenced modern cinema and some of today's biggest filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. 

Yesterday's Directors.png


A look at some of the greatest filmmakers from yesteryear and a selection of their greatest movies.

Directors Include

  • Billy Wilder

  • Anthony Mann

  • William Wyler

  • George Stevens

  • Robert Altman

  • Raoul Walsh

  • Martin Ritt

  • Otto Preminger

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