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Screenplay Analysis

Not sure if your story is as tight as it can be? If there's a problem with the structure, characters, or it doesn't take enough advantage of the visual medium? Have you reached a dead end but not even sure what it is or why?  

Writing a screenplay is a tremendously difficult undertaking and never becomes easier with experience. What becomes easier is identifying elements that seperate the great from the good, the good from the OK, and the OK scripts from the ones where something isn't working. It's important to analyze a screenplay because it helps to develop key elements such as themes and characters. Even professionals seek out extra eyes on their work because sometimes, you need someone that hasn't been married to the work to come in and show you the forest you've been missing for the tree. Having someone with over a decade of industry experience, a storyteller that has told and edited every genre imaginable, take a look at your work might bring much needed insight and push your screenplay to the next phase. 


Your screenplay will be analyzed for structure, characters, themes, and more, and you will be provided with detailed notes within a PDF copy of the script. You will also receive an analysis (length varies depending on content but always at least 1000 words) and a logline (a brief , usually one-sentence summary of the movie) that can be used to pitch the project. Loglines are important because they offer a glimpse into the core of what your movie is about and are used to hook both investors and audiences. 

Rates (7 day turnaround)

$120 - Screenplay analysis (up to 120 pgs)

$150 - Screenplay analysis (121-150 pgs)

$180 - Screenplay analysis (151+ pgs)

For a two day turnaround it's +$50


Call 917-647-9735 for more information or email:



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