Screenplay Coaching

There's a difference between wanting to be a writer and being a writer and sometimes all it takes is a professional to guide you and motivate you to take that long journey. 

I have a screenplay housed in the Margaret Herrick Library of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a movie that screened theatrically and is slated for home video release on July 30. I've learned how to tell a compelling story and now I like to help others tell their own stories. I can't help you write a good movie, but I can guide you to becoming a productive writer. 

With screenwriting coaching services you'll be shown the technical side of writing that includes creating a rigid schedule and setting personal deadlines. To write a lengthy text, whether a screenplay, novel or anything else longer than a social media post, you need to attack the craft from the perspective of a professional and that means perspiration, not inspiration (you won't miss out on the inspiration, believe me). I teach theory that will help you create a visual story that populates the reader's imagination. A screenplay is not a novel and needs to be written with the screen in mind. 

Coaching takes place in the form of hourly sessions conducted over Skype video and can be scheduled at your convenience. You'll see results and I can proudly say, screenplays have already been completed in a matter of weeks as a result of my coaching. 


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