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Trub Film LUT helps transform LOG, flat footage into a rich and saturated visual experience - mimicking 35mm cinema film. You don't always want your footage to be washed out in yellow, orange, or green. Sometimes you just want to show your audiences something that looks beautiful and reminiscent of what your favorite movies look like. 

Watch the neo-noir "The Dirty Kind" from Executive Producer Michael Madsen. Made for $5K and used this LUT. 

Compare a flat, LOG image with one using the Trub Film LUT

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What's a LUT?

A lot of people don't realize that how footage looks when filmed RAW, digitally, is not the same as what you see on the big screen. The footage is color graded, but what can also be applied is a LUT, or Look Up Table. A LUT automatically replaces colors based on a pre-designed template and acts as a color grading filter for your flat footage.

How to use?/Doesn't work?

For Adobe users click here. Different NLE softwares apply LUTs differently and plenty of information is available online. If Trub Film LUT makes your footage look terrible, it's because LUTs don't always apply well to all footage. Different lighting conditions, camera settings, etc. might affect how the LUT interacts with the footage. Having said that, try rolling back the LUTs intensity, as that might help solve the problem.